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youthThe 21st century's technology has brought many new products to the forefront, but sadly, few have made it into the swimming pool market.  Specifically designed for the harsh realities of commercial swimming pools, the ChlorKing saline (salt) system converts sodium chloride (salt) into sodium hypochlorite.  Simply add salt to your pool and the ChlorKing system does the rest!

ChlorKing saline chlorinators are designed specifically for commercial pools and spas.  Our robust electrical design, featuring a water cooled power supply with advanced heat dissipation characteristics for extended equipment life and commercial grade cell is what is needed for your 24 / 7 operation.  ChlorKing systems constantly manufacture sodium hypochlorite (hypochlorous acid) through the patented ChlorKing cell to provide a consistent chlorine residual in the pool water and the most enjoyable swimming experience available.

ChlorKing Chlorine Generators are available to retrofit existing pump rooms or to design into a new swimming pool facility.  Our systems carry both NSF 50 and UL 1081 certification.  ChlorKing offers systems that produce from 1.5 lbs. to 25 lbs. of equivalent chlorine per day, in a single cell, the largest available on the market.