ChlorKing Incorporated
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Local Phone:  770.452.0952
Fax:  770.685.6576
~ Enhanced Experience ~
1Isn't it Like Swimming in the Ocean?: No, salt is added to the water, but only in very low concentrations.  Sea water has a saline concentration of approximately 35,000 ppm.  Your system can operate with a concentration of around 5,000 ppm., or about one seventh of the ocean.  Mildly saline water is indeed more pleasant for a bather than sea water.
1Clear Water and No More Algae!: Salt water is a natural antiseptic which inhibits bacteria and algae formation.  If your eyes get sore, your hair feels like straw, you feel sick after swallowing water or your bathing-suit gets bleached out, that's because your swimming pool has too much chlorine and too many aggressive chemicals.
1Say Good-bye to Red Eyes Forever!: The low salt concentration, similar to that of a human tear, puts an end to eye and skin disorders caused by traditional systems.  Opening your eyes underwater will be a much more pleasant sensation with a ChlorKing salt chlorinator.
1You'll Never Want to Get Out of the Pool!: Protects your hair and doesn't bleach out bathing suits.  Puts an end to the traditional chlorine taste and smell.
1Pure Enjoyment!: ChlorKing salt chlorinators essentially turn your swimming pool into "mineral spa water", allowing your bathers to enjoy the ultimate swimming experience available.