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~ Description and Operation of the ChlorKing System ~

Raw Materials:


       1.1   Salt:
              Non-iodized, coarse, sun dried or pelletized salt (normally in 40 lb bags) is initially added to the pool water to develop a
              concentration of 0.5% (5000 ppm). This concentration of salt in the water is similar to that which is in human tears and is
              therefore very gentle to the swimmers eyes, skin and mucous membranes.


     1.2   Electricity:
              A small amount of electricity is used by the ChlorKing system during the electrolytic process.  This electrical current
              provided by the ChlorKing water-cooled power supply is then sent to the electrode stack which is housed in a clear PVC



The Electrolysis and Sanitizing Process:


       2.1   The Electrolysis Process:
               Hypochlorous acid is produced when an electrical DC current is passed between the positively charged anode plates
               and negatively charged cathode plates in the ChlorKing chlorinator cell.  This solution flows, after mixing into the water
               leaving the filter, directly to the swimming pool.  The only by-product, hydrogen gas, is produced during this process.
               This gas is naturally dissipated.  There is no waste product produced during this process.


      2.2   Sanitizing effect:
                While the filtration system, which is linked to the electrical power supply of the chlorination system, is operating, the system
                will introduce electrolytically produced hypochlorous acid into the swimming pool on a continuous basis. The system does
                not operate unless the filtration system is operating.  This continuous introduction of hypochlorous acid will ensure the
                continuous sanitization of the pool water and provide the necessary chlorine residual required. It also provides an
                environment that reduces the formation of chloramines; algae growth is less likely to occur.  When the hypochlorous acid
                produced by the system has destroyed the bacteria in the pool, it reverts to salt (sodium chloride). This means that the salt
                is continually regenerated in the process and the only loss of salt is due to backwashing, leaks or in the case of an outdoor
                pool, very heavy rainfall. During these occasions it may be necessary to add salt to the pool water to bring the concentration
                back to the desired level of 5,000 ppm.