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Greetings and salutations!  Please allow me give you a little insight into the money saving benefits of the ChlorKing Saline (salt) Chlorination System.


For decades, technicians and engineers have been using gas chlorine, granulated chlorine or liquid chlorine injection for water treatment when installing  pools in hotels, communities and municipal equipment.


More recently, ozone technology has aroused certain interest.  However, it has also been criticized due to its high purchase costs, maintenance costs and the need to add chemicals (commercial pools require a chlorine residual).


It is far more economical to produce chlorine on-site in the pool than to purchase chlorine.  Significant cost savings can be achieved by owners of commercial pools and spas, water parks and other applications which consume large amounts of chlorine.  ChlorKing salt chlorinators require only electricity, salt and water to produce all of the chlorine your pool may require.  Once you own the system, you own the chlorine production.


Why buy chlorine when you can make it on-site???


Is ChlorKing an economical system?
   Yes.  ChlorKing saline chlorination technology is the most economical system to run.  It offers superior results at a lower cost than conventional chlorine.  Our system reduces the need for the routine purchase, storage and addition of potentially hazardous chemicals, making your pool easy and inexpensive to maintain.  The costs associated with running your ChlorKing saline chlorination system are also much lower than the alternatives.


Cost comparison of ChlorKing salt chlorination versus traditional chlorines.
   Chlorine cost for an average 100,000 gallon indoor commercial swimming pool over 5 years:

  • $20,000 when using a ChlorKing salt system (including all equipment, maintenance costs, electricity and salt).


  • $24,000 to $30,000 when using traditional chlorines such as bleach, calcium hypochlorite and tri-chlor.

That's a 15% savings!!!


Is there salt consumption?
   There is very low salt consumption.  The chemical reactions take place within a closed process in which no product is wasted away, it is simply used over and over again.  Therefore, the concentration of salt remains constant apart from that which will be lost through backwashing, draining or heavy rain.


Isn't salt water corrosive?
    It can be, but water with a saline concentration of about 5,000 ppm is hardly corrosive, so ChlorKing treated water has no damaging effects.  That is a great advantage over gas, liquid and calcium hypochlorite chlorines that can indeed damage the equipment and surface of pools.  Mildly saline water does not affect the PVC plumbing, filters or pumps of most brands.


**Remember, it is very important to ensure that all of your equipment is properly bonded and grounded before installing a salt chlorinator.
    Speak to your authorized ChlorKing
distributor for more information.