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With a ChlorKing saline (salt) chlorination system, your pool becomes a lifestyle asset, not a tedious liability.  Your members demand the most out of your club, why not introduce ChlorKing salt chlorination to your pool and create that "mineral spa water" feel they have been looking for.

Converting to ChlorKing salt chlorination is not only a smart move to make your members happier, it's a way to save money too.

An average 100,000 gallon indoor pool will only cost approximately $20,000 for chlorine over a 5 year period using ChlorKing salt chlorination, versus $24,000 to $30,000 using traditional chlorine.  That's more than a 15% savings...

  • The cost of ChlorKing salt chlorination over 5 years includes all equipment, electricity, salt and maintenance.

  • A Classic 10 lb/day ChlorKing salt system was used to calculate this cost together with an electrical cost of 10 cents per kWh.

ChlorKing has distributors and representatives around the United States that will evaluate your pool and provide the ultimate system that is right for you.