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Because many individuals today are adopting greener lifestyles, saltwater pools are appealing as a more eco-friendly option.


With a ChlorKing® saline (salt) chlorination system, your pool becomes a lifestyle asset, not a tedious liability.  ChlorKing® almost totally does away with potentially hazardous, toxic chemicals and the problems associated with storing them. 

 Many hotels and public pools all over the world have chosen ChlorKing® saline (salt) chlorination because guests prefer that pleasant sensation of naturally healthy water.



Why ChlorKing® Saline (salt) Chlorination is Better:


  • If a pool is sanitized by a pool operator, there is always the chance of either overdosing or under-dosing the pool with chlorine.  Overdosing causes discomfort to the swimmers eyes and skin, whereas under-dosing leaves the water without a chlorine residual.  A chlorine residual is what prevents algae growth and bacteria formation.  After all, the pool operator can make mistakes, or can forget to complete tasks.  Because a ChlorKing® saline (salt) chlorination system is part of the filtration system, the sanitizing takes place every time the filtration system is switched on.  In a commercial swimming pool where the filtration system operates 24/7, the ChlorKing® advanced water-cooled power supply and industrial single cell technology allows the system to operate without ever turning off, ensuring that your pool is never without the chlorine it needs.


  • There are numerous benefits with ChlorKing® saline (salt) chlorination.  Safety, bather comfort and enjoyment, no red, irritated eyes or itchy, dry skin and natural, soft, silky water.  In fact, salt is the most widely used chemical to soften water.  Say goodbye to that chlorine smell, bleached out bathing suits and green hair.  The mild saline solution reduces eye, skin and other irritations.  The unpleasant smell and taste of chlorine is almost indiscernible making the pool a happier place.  The pool water also develops a luxurious, soft feel, making the bathing experience unforgettable.


Why purchase and store dangerous chlorine when you can make your own on-site???


  • If your pool is near the ocean and has sea water available, ask us about our amazing sea water control system that will allow you to use the salt from the ocean to make up for salt lost from your pool.  This unique ChlorKing® toroidal control system means you will never have to add salt again...