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~ Our Company History ~
youthOn-site hypochlorite generation technology, also known as saline or salt chlorination, is not new; in fact, it has been successfully used in countries such as South Africa and Australia for years, particularly regarding swimming pool chlorination.  However, it has only recently been introduced into the United States for large-scale systems as a competing technology.  Saline (salt) chlorination applied to swimming pools is a relatively simple process, incorporating the addition of salt to the pool water to give a salt concentration of 0.5 %.  Seawater has a much higher concentration of 3.5%.

Our systems were initially designed and developed by the founder for large scale water treatment applications in South Africa involving the chlorination of underground mine water, dolphinarium sea water, and other large scale swimming pool chlorination applications.

In late 1999, David S. von Broembsen, a practicing chemical engineer who has been involved with this technology for more than 30 years in South Africa, emigrated from South Africa and entered into the Atlanta water treatment industry with a viable alternative to the use of conventional chemicals for swimming pools and industrial water treatment.

David then founded ChlorKing Incorporated and developed a patented, on-site hypochlorite generator (salt chlorinator) that removes the need for expensive and potentially unsafe compounds.

Today, ChlorKing Incorporated is not only a manufacturer of salt chlorinators, but conductivity control systems, automated salt feeding equipment, on-site X-GEN production systems and ultraviolet light products.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ChlorKing has become the leader in saline (salt) chlorination in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean with over 4,000 installations on commercial swimming pools and spas.