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~ What is Saline or Salt Chlorination? ~

youthThe decision to convert your pool to saline (salt) actually creates a much safer environment than with your old pool.  Saline chlorination is a safer, more effective and environmentally friendly method for sanitizing swimming pools.  South Africa, Canada and Australia have been using saline chlorination to sanitize swimming pools for over 20 years now.

Let me begin with a little history about chlorine.   For nearly 200 years, chlorine has been produced through a method known as electrolysis.   This technique involves the passage of an electric current through saline water to produce chlorine gas.  All of the commercial chlorine production in the world uses the same basic technology as used in saline chlorinators.  By using saline chlorination, you will actually be producing 100% pure chlorine for sanitizing your pool, as opposed to the chlorination methods you previously used.

Without getting too technical, let me try to explain how your new system works.  To begin, pure non-iodized table salt, or sodium chloride, will be added directly into your swimming pool.  As the saline pool water passes through the chlorine generating cell located in your pump room, electricity is applied to the metal plates inside the cell.  As the low voltage electricity is applied to the saline water, this in turn produces the chlorine used to kill the bacteria and algae.  Once the chlorine generated from the salt has killed the bacteria and germs, it reverts back to salt, and the process begins all over again.  Occasionally, you will have to add more salt to replace what is lost to splash-out, overflow and filter back-washing.  Unlike other chemicals which require that the pool be closed when it is added, salt can be safely poured directly into the pool while everyone is swimming.

The ChlorKing saline chlorination system will virtually eliminate the chloramines and other chlorine compounds so often associated with conventional methods.  You will no longer experience the obnoxious side effects commonly associated with your old method of chlorination.

As for testing your swimming pool or spa water, the same test kit you are now using will allow you to test the water in the manner you have become comfortable with.  Your chlorine residual, often referred to as FAC or Free and Available Chlorine, can be maintained by simple adjustments to your ChlorKing system.

Remember, when you convert your pool to ChlorKing salt chlorination, you effectively turn your pool into "mineral spa water", giving you and your family, friends or patrons the best water possible.