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~ Water Parks ~



We at ChlorKing have recently launched our patented X-GEN system designed specifically for large water parks and swimming pools.


This unique on-site chlorine generator uses many of the same components and characteristics of our traditional (salt) chlorinator with one big difference...




Our X-GEN system operates by producing 2,500 ppm of sodium hypochlorite in a production tank from 5,000 ppm of salt.  This chlorine solution is then fed into the swimming pool as required by demand, or from a signal sent from an ORP/pH controller.


The best thing is that the X-GEN system is plumbed into the circulation system of the pool so that it re-uses the pool water in the production process.  About 2 lbs. of salt is added to the pool for every 1 lb. of chlorine, so the salt content in your pool will increase over time, but it will never exceed 5,000 ppm.


Our patented X-GEN system is one of a kind and is ideal for large, heavily used bodies of water.


Many water parks all over the world have chosen the ChlorKing saline (salt) chlorination because visitors prefer that pleasant sensation of naturally healthy water.


(Check the Products section for more information on our X-GEN system)